Welcome Families

First Time Families

Welcome and congratulations on your placement!

Our services are at no cost to those we serve. All donated items are gently used or new.

We love our items to make a full circle. Once your child no longer needs the items you received from the warehouse, we kindly ask that you return them so together we can pay it forward to the next family.  

As the children’s needs grow, you are welcome back to the warehouse. 


Kinship Parents

Please upload your Notice to Provider OR your Court Documents AND your driver’s license. 

Adoptive Parents

Please upload the following documents:

What to Expect at MTaB

MTaB is a wonderful place for you to find essentials for your foster, kinship and adoptive children.

Step One

Show your photo ID/valid driver’s license.

Step Two

Get a rundown of the warehouse.

Step Three

Grab a shopping bag and find the items that your children need. As a reminder, MTaB is here to serve the current needs of the children in your home. 

Step Four

Upon checkout, someone will confirm your previously uploaded documents. Please note that we record all items received. 

Shopping Guidelines

Learn about our guidelines to streamline your shopping experience. All items are based on current donations and availability.

Items that are ONE per child per month:

  • Diapers
  • Underwear
  • 1 new pair of shoes (2 used pairs)
  • 2 new socks (3 used)
  • New toy (reasonable number of used toys)

Items that are ONE per child per year:

  • Blankets (exception: 2 baby blankets)
  • Sheet sets (exception: 2 crib sheets)
  • Backpack
  • New high chair or umbrella stroller
  • Dish sets

The guidelines are set to ensure that these items go to the families that provide a safe haven for children that have been displaced due to no fault of their own. We need your cooperation in order to continue providing support to you and your family.

Download the Shopping Guidelines here.


Marketplace Private Page

Can’t find what you’re looking for at the warehouse? Check out our private Facebook page. 

The MTaB marketplace is a closed group where foster, kinship and adoptive families can swap and share items at no charge. Post what your family needs or post what item you have to give. The idea is that you will be helping each other. More Than A Bed will do the same – we will post newly donated items. If you wish to join the group, please send a request through the group via Facebook.

Public Page

Join our MTaB public page to get the most up to date details on upcoming events and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shopping done online or in store?

In-store primarily. However, we have a private Facebook MTaB Marketplace for our foster, kinship, and adoptive families only. Larger items that cannot be stored at the warehouse are posted there as well as some items from third-party donors. This page is also a way for families to share items they no longer need. 

I have no childcare currently. Can I bring the children?

Yes, children are welcomed at the warehouse. We request that you keep a close eye on them as there is not a designated childcare area. We also ask that you assist the children in picking up after themselves. 

I was told that I’d only have the child in my care for less than 12 months. How often can I come by the warehouse?

You can visit the warehouse when you need items for the children. 

I have items to donate to you. How can I get them to you?

We accept gently used and new items any time during our hours of operation. We provide a donation receipt for your tax purposes. We can not accept anything larger than a crib due to space restrictions so please email morethanabed@gmail.com if you have furniture to donate.

Do you offer pick-up of items to be donated?

No, we do not offer a pick-up service.

Is there a fee to shop at the warehouse?

Everything in the warehouse is at no charge to the families we serve.

The child in my care went back to their parents. What do I need to do?

Please contact us and advise that the child was reunified, so we can update our records. 

What is the process to be able to utilize your services?

More Than a Bed provides essential items to foster, kinship, and adoptive families for the children in their homes because every child deserves to be valued. The children we assist must be in foster care, under the Tribal Division of Child Welfare Services, are under legal guardianship, or have been adopted. We do not assist the biological parents for reunification of their biological children. We also assist teens who are in AYAP, TILP, or group homes as well as teens/adults who are in-care and have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities where they cannot live on their own. Legal documentation is required for all the children/adults that we serve. If you are a licensed foster family, we require a copy of your foster license as well as a photo ID/drivers license of all shoppers.

What are your hours of operation?

As of August 1, 2022 we are open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and the third Saturday of each month from 8:30 am – 1:30pm. 

Is there a time limit to shop?

No. However to expedite your shopping experience, we recommend you know the items you need for the children in your care to include sizes and specifics you are in need of.

Who does the shopping?

The person providing care for that child/adult or if necessary, an assigned caseworker can shop.

How many items are allowed?

Some items have a limit.  Clothing typically does not have a limit, however, we ask that the families take whatever their current need is.  Print the shopping guidelines here.

Where do we pick up items if shopping online?

The MTaB Facebook Marketplace page (only for families)requires the items be picked up directly from the person offering the item. We consider the Facebook page to be an extension of our warehouse, so everything posted is at no cost to the family receiving that item.

What is the age requirement for a child to sleep on the top of a bunk bed?

MTaB requires a child be the age of 8 in order to sleep on the top bunk although DCS has a lower age requirement.

What else does More Than a Bed do?

More Than a Bed hosts various events throughout the year. Parents Night Out is held in the fall. Our Annual Christmas party is held in December. Our main fundraising event, a Golf Tournament, is typically held in the spring. To see more about our events, please check out our event page.

Are you looking for volunteers to help your mission?

Yes, we are always looking for individuals and groups to volunteer at the warehouse. Please call 520-428-5280 to inquire about volunteering.  


Find local, state and federal resources that are available just for you and your family. Our resource page is updated regularly to get you the best of the best!

Still don't know where to start?

That’s okay! Give us a call or email us and we can walk you through everything.